Cigarette smoking is associated with several health risks, including the development of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. The addictive properties of cigarette smoking are primarily due to its nicotine. While its disease mechanisms, including DNA damage and oxidative stress are associated with the long-term inhalation of smoke from the commuted tobacco. 

The concept of Tobacco Harm Reduction spun of from this knowledge. Users are under Tobacco Harm Reduction encouraged to replace cigarette smoking with the use of alternative nicotine products with potentially fewer health risks. 

Nicotine pouches have a relatively simple composition a nicotine added to a cellulose based matrix. Nicotine Pouches contain fewer toxicants compared with Snus (Nicotine containing tobacco matrix) and may therefore present similar or fewer health risk. 

Direct Harm Reduction

Given the absence of combustion of tobacco and its subsequent chemical hazard Nicotine Pouches likely reduce health risks.

Indirect Harm Reduction

The individual nature of consuming a Nicotine Pouch avoids exposure of byproducts to the people around you. The product can therefore be used in any non smoking setting e.g. airplane / office / restaurant.


Nicotine pouches provide a great way to enjoy nicotine in any setting while having reduced harm compared to cigarettes.



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