LEWA Caffeine pouches


Lewa is an instant energy boost particularly suitable for irregular working hours / long working hours / while sporting or when you just need a boost! Lewa works the same as Energy Drinks but is more convenient as it is carried around in your pocket and always available. It does not need refrigeration and is not a drink which will enable you to put the energy to work while avoiding the toilet breaks.

What is LEWA?

Lewa is a brand new supplement enriched with vitamins, antioxidant and caffeine that is applied under your lip.

What is the recommended daily use of LEWA?

All ingredients in LEWA are 100% natural. However, we do not recommend you to consume more than one pack (18 pouches) per day due to high levels of caffeine content.

Are there any side effects?

NO - LEWA is a natural supplement enriched with vitamins & antioxidants. Free from sugar, nicotine and tobacco. We do not however recommend you to consume LEWA late in the evening if you are sensitive to caffeine.

What's a healthy amount of daily LEWA intake? 

Consumption of LEWA varies from one person to the next. Some consume an entire pack per day, others just a pouch or two. All the ingredients in LEWA are natural and there's nothing that would be classified as "unhealthy"

Can I consume LEWA while pregnant?

Yes. The Swedish National Food Administration recommends no more than 200mg of caffeine per day during pregnancy. One pouch of LEWA contains 50-100mg caffeine as per descriptor on packaging.

Can I consume LEWA while on medication? 

Yes. We do however recommend you consult your doctor, should your medication limit your recommended daily caffeine intake.

What is the best before date?

From date of production - 12 months in unsealed package.


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